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September 1, 2007: Macro Maniacs at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

Colleen did it again. She pulled together a small group of the Flickr Macro Maniacs of Singapore for a visit to Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reservers. Here is the story.

Getting there: Larry did all the work while I attempted navigating

GPS Tracks to SBWR

Once there - our group arrived and off we went - where? Here are out tracks

GPS Tracks around SBWR

Being spiderman, the first stop was to take a photo of this little guy

sep 01 4026 web

Then Francis found something

sep 01 4064 francis found it

Then there was this sort of tent web. What appears to be a Cyrtophora beccarii web and a captured something. Looking more closely, I can see 3 male-like spiders, one to the top left of the vertical white silk column - home for the Cyrtophora beccarii and possibly an egg sac, one to the right and one near the bottom, manipulating the trapped ant. Now I am wondering whether these are Argyrodes kumadai or Argyrodes fissifrons from the theridiidae family.

sep 01 4075 web

A closer look you can see the large male palps

sep 01 4070 male prey close

Another view of what I think is the male

sep 01 4079 web male

and the prey, looks like a red ant, possibly Oecophylla. The male palps are quite evident here

sep 01 4079 web male prey close

A closer view of the male

sep 01 4089 male prey

and the unfortunate ant, Oecophylla - all wrapped nicely in a thin veil of silk

sep 01 4092 ant prey

What I believe to a live variant of the unfortunate ant, Oecophylla

sep 01 4140 ant

The long column of silk may be her home and possibly contains an egg sac according to Joseph Koh's book of Singapore spiders

sep 01 4175 male column

A closer view of the male something and the Cyrtophora beccarii silk home

sep 01 4172 male column

Then it started raining big time. Inside one of those shelters, useful for observation, we observed this little jumping spider. I think this is a Telamonia dimidiata - and a male according to Joseph Koh's little book Actually, he should display 2 stipes which I don't see, so I need some improvment in identification

sep 01 4199 jumping spider

Here you can see 4 eyes on one side - with a little imagination

sep 01 4229 4 eyes jumping spider

He (Telamonia dimidiata) seemed to like my flash - so aligned himself for a facial view - but where are the two stripes? I see two rows of white dots. Maybe a morph?

sep 01 4232 eyes

It stopped raining - and we found a grasshopper

sep 01 4283 grasshopper

cleaning her front leg

sep 01 4287 grasshopper

She also like the flash and made a nice frontal pose

sep 01 4296 grasshopper front


sep 01 4310 grasshopper front

Then there was the jumping something (later identified as a robberfly) - that we chased all over a small patch of high grass

sep 01 4330 hopper

From the side to see her eyes

sep 01 4334 hopper

Then a surprise - a captured bee (I think) that was being devoured by our friendly kleptoprarsites, Argyrodes flavescens - here there is one on the left and one on the right. You can see how the Argyrodes attached the prey by a few srands to the hostess's web

sep 01 4343 argyrodes catch

A closer view of the thin film of silk wrapping

sep 01 4358 argyrodes catch

Another view

sep 01 4359 argyrodes catch

Our fearless, yet thoughtful leader

sep 01 4441 colleen thinking

And a Canon Nikon faceoff

sep 01 4446 canon nikon faceoff

Francis and his long lens (and watch)

sep 01 4452 francis long lens

Stay tuned for our next adventure

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