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Sept 6, 2008:Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

How Larry and I got there

and Trail #1 at SBWR

The Macro Maniacs of Singapore, orchestrated by Colleen, did another outing. I learn from everyone and here are the results. I think this is some sort of Lynx

sep 06 0242 lynx

And this hairy guy - Eriovixia laglaisei

sep 06 0247 leaf spider

From the top

sep 06 0249 spider top

From the front

sep 06 0250 spider front

This is probably Argyrodes

sep 06 0258 sbwr spider

And one of the usual Argyrodes flavescens

sep 06 0274 sbwr argyrodes

Another view

sep 06 0278 argyrodes

This multi-colored guy was very active. Here are 2 of the better focused photos

sep 06 0285 sbwr jumping colors

Another view

sep 06 0295 swbr jumping colors

Viciria Praemandibularis I think

sep 06 0298 sbwr orange crab

Another view

sep 06 0299 swbr orange crab

One stabilimentum from this Argiope

sep 06 0301 st andrews cross


sep 06 0304 st andrews cross side

A white flower

sep 06 0311 flower

Two ants kissing

sep 06 0312 ants kissing

Yellow tongue

sep 06 0313 white flower tongue


sep 06 0316 ghopper


sep 06 0327 lizard tongue

Ahaetulla prasina Oriental whip snake

sep 06 0345 green snake

Another view

sep 06 0346 green snake

Here's looking at you

sep 06 0347 green snake front

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