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September 11, 2012:Dosa man setup and coming home

This morning - I distributed prints I made of photos from yesterday. Lots of smiles and lots of tea and dosa and who knows what. At the Dosa-man's stall, his son and dosa-man-jr were working

sep 11 0176 training

Morning setup

sep 11 0191 morning setup

Preparing idly for steaming

sep 11 0201 steam idly

Dosa boy

sep 11 0208 dosa boy

Dosa grill

sep 11 0211 dosa grill

Dishwashing lady

sep 11 0218 dishwashing lady

Dishwashing lady

sep 11 0220 dishwasher

My dosa - 1st off the grill

sep 11 0230 my dosa

and served on a banana leaf

sep 11 0232 my dosa

Mr. Dosa Jr

sep 11 0236 dosa jr

Mr Dosa man frying: Venkateswara Rao

sep 11 0237 dosa man frying

Another view

sep 11 0238 dosa man venkateshwara rao

Mr. Dikshitulu, 80 year old refired fingerprint expert from the Crime Bureau

sep 11 0242 mr dikshitulu 80 finger print man

A reminder of India's infrastructure

sep 11 0244 infrastructure

Bring morning supplies

sep 11 0246 dosa man

A day with Durga and his team and then home. The flight path:

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