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Off to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and back home

Altitude plot: Sin --> Siem Reap

SilkAir altitude
plot: SIN SRP

Altitude plot: Phnom Phen --> Changi

SilkAir altitude
plot: Phnom Phen --> Changi

September 16, 2010: Happy Ending

As luck would have it, I arrived with the President of India so - signs and people everywhere, welcoming "us"

sep 16 8533 india president

Hiding from the sun - Pale is preferred. So gloves, stockings, long sleve shirt and mask

sep 16 8539 gloves mask pale

Coconuts on the move

sep 16 8542 coconut xport

Four on a bike

sep 16 8549 4 on bike

When I got the Villa Siem Reap - what a welcome!!! Beautiful flowers, a chilled bottle of wine and

sep 16 8573 welcome

A welcome heart of orchids on the bed

sep 16 8572 welcome

Off to Angkor Chum Referral Hospital - rice fields, green rice fields

sep 16 8579 rice fields

Lunch along the way - traditional Khmer food

sep 16 8590 lunch

Then it started to rain

sep 16 8591 rain bike

Riding in the rain - splatter on the road

sep 16 8605 rain bike

Heavy rain

sep 16 8607 rain bike

Flying rain coat

sep 16 8613 rain coat

Rain drops from the roof

sep 16 8614 rain drops

Raining and the Angkor Chum Referral Hospital Gate (built by the Swiss)

sep 16 8646 angkor chum hospital

Out Patient Department - with scales for weighing babies

sep 16 8651 out pat dept

Staff and patients

sep 16 8665 staff

IV for all - standard treatment of anything: IV drip + antibiotics

sep 16 8752 iv for all

And a lady in the delivery room - but not working

sep 16 8700 delivery

Not a noise from this lady - but it was obvious that she needed to go to Siem Reap Hospital for the delivery

sep 16 8703 off to hospital

Several hours later - we stopped at Siem Reap Hospital and mom and daughter were doing well. She delivered in the ambulance on the way to the hospital

sep 16 8756 happy ending

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