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Off to SereiSophon Referral Hospital

September 17, 2010: Hospital Rounds

I start with this x-ray to establish a baseline for a normal heart. This is a sort of "how-to-interpret". As you'll see, this comes in handy

sep 17 8791 chest xray indicators

Entrance to the hospital

sep 17 8795 sereisophon hospital

Infant ward

sep 17 8802 infant ward

Anyone know anything about infection control? A couple of needles in a pan with a bit of betadine tossed into the mix

sep 17 8805 multiple needles

An iv for all

sep 17 8810 iv for all

Mobile fast food

sep 17 8823 mobile fast food

Pale is desirable - so avoiding the sun: protective gloves, hat, long sleave pullover, white stockings

sep 17 8830 gloves socks stay pale

Off to Preah Net Preah Hosptial

sep 17 8871 stone carving

Entrance to Preah Net Preah Hospital

sep 17 8887 Preah net preah hospital

Meals on wheels

sep 17 8877 meals on wheels


sep 17 8878 triage

This lady was complaining of shortness of breath starting about a week after she delivered (3 months ago). She was diagnosed as having pneumonia

sep 17 8882 initial pneumonia

Something did not fit - so Francis started a physical exam

sep 17 8889 phys exam pulse

And listened - hmmm - no noises that one would expect from pneumonia

sep 17 8892 phys exam listen

Patient and her daughter

sep 17 8914 patient daughter

Since no lung sounds - why short of breath. So off to take an X-ray. The yellow box is the electric generator to drive the x-ray unit (reliably)

sep 17 8930 xray generator

Here film - big heart, maybe pericarditis?

sep 17 8926 pneumonia lungs

Did a blood test - and the crit was 35 but Hgb was 7.5. What's wrong with this picture

sep 17 8928 lab crit 35 hgb 7 5

Redo the blood test - crit = 33, Hgb 10. Need to calibrate the machines

sep 17 8931 redo hgb

More challenges. Sterilization with closed containers - not very effective as the tops are on the containers

sep 17 8892 about sterilization in closed containers

ER - motorcycle accident, no helmet

sep 17 8893 er

Removing an IV - sterile procedure: one glove on, one glove off

sep 18 8808 1 glove iv removal

Returning to Siem Reap - interesting rain in the distance - studies of green, blue and gray

sep 17 rain field

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