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September 22, 2012:Lizard and Crab Spiders

Off to Queensway Secondary School in search of crab spiders. Was not easy this morning. First, my favorite, Melastoma.

sep 22 0294 melastoma

And a small, small crab spider, Thomisus stoliczka

sep 22 0299 crab spider

A really interesting lizard - quite stable but appears rather unstable

sep 22 0302 lizard

Another view

sep 22 0303 lizard

An assassin bug

sep 22 0307 assassin

Micro orchid, Asystasia gangeticam

sep 22 0313 micro orchid

Black Ant

sep 22 0321 black ant

and our morning lizard again

sep 22 0326 morning lizard

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