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Sept 26, 2008:Singapore to Tangjung Pinang

It all started when I realized that I could pretend that Friday (Sep 26) was actually Hari Raya (Oct 1) and then pretend that Oct 1 was a work day. So off I went for a snorkel and spider weekent.

Here is the usual trip: MRT to Tanah Merah, Bus 35 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Penguin Falcon 3 to Tanjung Pinang and Bintan Agro Beach Staff to my weekend escape

Along the way I took some photos with the GPS connected. I was able to plot these with Google maps to see exactly where the photos were taken. A sailboat

sep 26 0559 sailboat

Nets hanging at a kelong

sep 26 0565 keylong

A small village

sep 26 0572 village

Some sort of resort area I think

sep 26 0578 piers

A passing ferry

sep 26 0591 ferry

Another passing ferry

sep 26 0602 ferry

Towing a load of sand, but not to Singapore

sep 26 0606 hauling sand

Two fishermen - looks like one is repairing the net

sep 26 0609 repair fish net

Another view

sep 26 0614 net repair

Another view

sep 26 0617 net repair

Another passing ferry

sep 26 0629 ferry

A colorful fishing boat

sep 26 0635 fishing boat

Two small fishing boats

sep 26 0640 two boats

Coming head on

sep 26 0644 head on

Welcome to Tanjung Pinang

sep 26 0646 tanjungpinang fllags

Welcome to Tanjung Pinang with a fishing boat

sep 26 0649 welcome tanjungpinang

Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal

sep 26 0666 tanjungpinang

The beach from my room at Bintan Agro Beach Resort

sep 26 0669 from my room

The pool and reception

sep 26 0674 pool

The entrance

sep 26 0675 entrance

From the 2nd storey - the beach

sep 26 0678 overlook beach

Pool as seen from pool level

sep 26 0681 pool


sep 26 0682 reception

The fountain near the entrance

sep 26 0683 fountain

The Waterfront

sep 26 0684 waterfront

Sun Moon Restuarant

sep 26 0699 sun moon

Lunch before: Sweet / Sour squid, Kai Lan, rice and Bintang

sep 26 0705 lunch before

Hmmmm - tasty - nothing left

sep 26 0708 lunch after

The waterfront from the Sun Moon Restuarant

sep 26 0711 waterfront

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