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Here is a demonstration of simple web-centric tools at work - tools that enable you to build your local IT environment is a way best suited to your immediate needs.

For example, keeping up to date with events around us is facilitated if we can build a desktop with summaries of new stuff. RSS feeds provide a perfect resource for feeding our up-to-the-minute-desktop - whether with headlines or with recent lab results or with student homework assignments. The Provost's office publishes each week, an Academic Affairs update which is added to the office site, abstracted with an RSS feed and displayed on the from my desk link.

Below is a short demo of RSS feeds and building an informative and up-to-date desktop. There is a cron job that hourly schedules remote rss access and two primary tool scriptss:

The html generated by rss_box.cgi is triggered by the include files in this page's html:
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/RSS/rss_box?rdf=it_garage.rdf"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/RSS/rss_box?rdf=slashdot.rdf"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/RSS/rss_box?rdf=reuters_news.cgi"-->

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  • Slashdot
  • Oracle 'Worm' Exploit Modified
  • Motorola to Add Google to Mobiles
  • 365 Nights of Skywatching
  • Google Unveils The Google Pack
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  • Google Video Store Announced
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  • Reuters: Top News
  • Iraq voters seen approving constitution
  • US, Britain, Iran trade charges over attacks
  • Romania culls fowl as Europe braces for bird flu
  • Three settlers, Islamic militant killed in W.Bank
  • Cheney aide a key focus in CIA leak probe-lawyers
  • Child rescue a gleam of joy in Kashmir quake misery
  • China must prepare for shocks: Snow
  • Five dead in Wisconsin school band bus crash
  • Sun shines in US Northeast but flood alert remains
  • Human rights groups concerned over Saddam trial
  • In order to minimize the RSS traffic, I cache the rdf files and check the header of the file once/hour to determine if it has change (look at the "Last-Modified" tag). The code is on the Provost's RSS site and here is a link to similar ideas.

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