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November 28, 2014: School Dedication

Arputhraj invited me for the weekend to do the dedication of the upper school - Betty Shelton's dream. Here is the finished school.

How I got there - from Singapore to Chennai (MI 436) and then driving to Valathi

Here is the foundation in February: Beginning construction and the finished building today

nov 28 8047 dedication setup

Entrance and ribbon I'll cut a bit later

nov 28 8051 entrance

Looking at the front of the school

nov 28 8054 school

The dedication was planned for 3:30 - time for me to fly to Chennai from Singapore, drive to Valathi (100km, 3.5 hours) and do the dedication. Here are the students patiently waiting for me to get my act together

nov 28 8060 students

Arputhraj and me

nov 28 151607 arp frank

Me cutting the ribbon

nov 28 152001 ribbon cutting

Me saying something (not in Tamil)

nov 28 152058 dedication stone

The ribbon

nov 28 8063 opening ribbon

And cornerstone. A surprise to see "me" and Ellen's name became Ellan. But it works.

nov 28 8067 dedication stone

Looking outside

nov 28 8069 looking out

Dedicating one of the classrooms

nov 28 8071 room dedication

Dedicating the classroom

nov 28 152314 classroom words

Dedicating another classroom

Looking out

nov 28 8077 looking out

Gifts of ceremonial shawls

nov 28 8084 gift shawl


nov 28 8086 dedication shawl

nov 28 8089 flying shawl

nov 28 8094 ceremony shawl

nov 28 8097 ceremony shawl

Me and roses

nov 28 153354 frank n roses

Students doing tribal dance

nov 28 8109 dancing

More colorful dancing

nov 28 8148 ceremony dancing

And more dancing

nov 28 8196 dancing


nov 28 153916 dancing

Its all over and enjoying tea and biscuits

nov 28 8216 finished

Last look at the new school

nov 28 8223 after ceremony

And front with Arputharaj

nov 28 8270 ceremony end

Our school

nov 28 8273 school

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